Piedmont wines of tradition and passion

A new emotion sip after sip

Cascina Ghercina wines come from a valuable territory known worldwide, the Langhe, and reach the tables of winelovers to satisfy their quality desire.
The cellar produces wines of the Piedmont wine-making tradition, using the grapes of the vineyards located around the lake Ghercina, in a suitable area situated in Novello, on the border with Barolo village.
Nas-cëtta, dolcetto, barbera, nebbiolo are the main grape varieties from which  important wines come to life. The most famous one is of course Barolo, vinified and produced with sensitivity and mastery to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Piedmontese wines producer

Cascina Ghercina arises from the desire of Paolo and Guido Sartirano: to dedicate a selection of wines to the winelovers passionate for Piedmontese wines, who are constantly looking for quality and tradition.


Piedmont is historically a very important wine area and internationally recognized for the many types of soils and cultivated varieties.