Piedmontese wines, tradition and innovation

Our winery in the Barolo Langhe

Cascina Ghercina arises from the desire of Paolo and Guido Sartirano: to dedicate a selection of wines to the winelovers passionate for Piedmontese wines, who are constantly looking for quality and tradition.

Respect for the territory, the continuous search for excellence, the authentic passion: these are the values inherited from their fathers and grand-fathers, now combined with technologies that modernity offers.

Cascina Ghercina wines are the offspring of Piedmont and in particular Langhe, historical places suited to vines. We are in fact in Novello, on the border with the town of Barolo, and “Ghercina” is the name of the lake that dominates the center of the estate, surrounded by the vineyards.

From here everything starts, to be one day on your table, to share the emotion of tradition and the pleasure of good wine.

“We follow our fathers’ and grand-fathers’ footsteps. We represent the fourth generations of wine-makers in our family. This passion is linked to this land and to who we are”

Paolo and Guido.