Moscato variety

The most important aromatic grape from Piedmont

One of the most important Moscato vine sub-varietis is Moscato Bianco, which has found its highest expression in Piedmont and in particular onMonferrato hills.

Its white grape is considered aromatic and is therefore used for the production of sweet wines, thanks to the sweetness developed during the ripening of the grapes.

It is also very suitable for passito and sparkling wine, as well as a base to fortified wines.

The history

The origins of the white Moscato vine date back to Roman times, but it reached its peak in the second half of 1500 when the Langa grape growers were forced to plant a percentage from 1% to 5% of this variety in their vineyards.

Since then, the references to this variety are many and in various documents. In the second half of the 1800, the sparkling wine techniques arrived in Piedmont, imported from France by Mr. Carlo Gancia. It began a new era in the Asti area.

New studies to improve production techniques were developped, such as the sparkling wine production system invented by Martinotti, which takes its name, where the second fermentation happens in large containers called “autoclave”.