Nas-cëtta variety

A discover from Novello

Semi-aromatic variety cultivated in the past and re-discovered in the 90s by the producers from Novello.

This is a less complex white variety compared to other from this area, but this is not a disadvantage..
That’s the reason for its re-birth: start its cultivation again, trying to improve the growing and vinification techniques. This is the philosophy of Nas-cëtta from Novello, different from Nas-cëtta cultivated in other areas: thevinification is 100% Nas-cëtta and it can also count on a good ageing potential.

The ripe cluster is easily recognizable: it has a golden color and has somerust-colored dots.

The history

Lorenzo Fantini, in his Monograph of the late 1800 which describes in detail the varieties, cultivation systems, the production areas and the wineries of that time, mentions the Nas-cëtta as typical varieties of the municipality of Novello. Even today this small village, where San Silvestro has its headquarters, is the place where this grape is more common.

In the past, the grape Nas-cëtta was often consumed as table grape, or was blended with Favorita to obtain wines with a greater olfactory amplitude, thanks to its semi-aromatic nature.

Today, the Novello producers vinificate this variety alone to enhance its potential, both as a young wine and as wooden aged wine.