Brachetto variety

Local aromatic grape

Brachetto is an indigenous aromatic variety of Piedmont. Its cultivation is mainly concentrated on the hills surrounding Acqui Terme. It got consideration and recognition from winemakers and consumers only in the 90’s as a red sweet wine.

The rose scent is really his hallmark. It is also good for sparkling wines produced with the Charmat method.

The history

The origins of this variety are not clear. Some documents from early 1700 mentioned Brachetto and Moscato wines as wines drinken by Savoy family.
In 1800, Brachetto was listed in an official document issued by the Royal Agricultural Society of Turin, which placed it among the varieties cultivated on the hills of Canavese, around Ivrea, in Piedmont, as well as in Valle d’Aosta.

At the end of 1800 there was two types of Brachetto: the Piedmontese type that was aromatic, and the socalled Nizzardo, with a simple flavor. At the beginning of 1900, the techniques to produce sparkling wines arrived in Asti region and Brachetto achieved great success as a base for sparkling wines, always thanks to its aroma and floral notes.

During the XX century, the enthusiasm falls a lot and also the spread of Brachetto decreases, but it increases again in the ’90s.