Pinot Noir variety

Pinot Nero

An international variety for a sparkling classic method

This variety is considered as the French brother of our Nebbiolo. Now spread internationally, it gives very different results depending on the type of soil where it is cultivated.

It is vinified both red and white and it is also used as a base for sparkling wines.

The history

Along with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir is the other grape used to produce Alta Langa D.O.C.G. It is aninternational variety, planted in the Langhe hills to meet that desire to produce a sparkling wine in Piedmont, worthy cousin of the French Champagne.

Vinified white according to the Champenoise Method, the Pinot Noir grapes together with the chardonnay grapes gives birth to our Alta Langa D.O.C.G.